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What does resources mean exactly?

Great question! Resources are organizations, non-profits, or government agencies that support and work with sexual assault and abuse survivors. They also are journal prompts, self-care techniques, recommended reading, and physical support shelters.

What can I expect from the quiz results?

Each question you answer narrows and filters our database. Resources recommended for you will be based on how you answer. We promise to always provide at least three resources no matter how specific you answer the quiz!


If you are looking for full access to our database stay tuned for our memberships launch.

Do I have to pay to use the quiz finder?

No! The personalized quiz finder is 100% free. 

Do you collect personal data?

The only data we collect will be information you provide us through our contact page or newsletter subscription. Our website is hosted by WIX, to learn more about their Privacy Policy click here.

Still have a question?

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