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Emotional Support Resources

Here are recommended resources for you

Join a Survivor's Group to share your story or connect with those that have been through a similar experience.

It can feel isolating after experiencing a traumatic event. Find support from friends, family, and loved ones can often be challenging or out of your comfort zone to share your experience yet. 

Survivors Speak is a group of survivors of sexual violence, abuse, or assault who want support through their experience. We support members who speak out publicly, but this group is a private, confidential, and safe place for victim-survivors to be able to connect, share their stories, and find a supportive environment.

Try keeping track of your emotions with a Wellness Journal 
Start each day with a fresh page and make mindfulness part of your daily routine with our 12-week wellness journal. We’ve designed the pages inside to help you reflect and take note of your thoughts, feelings, goals, habits and all the things you’re grateful for.

If have been considering therapy maybe it is time to seek out professional help

The consensus among professionals is that your mental health can benefit from therapy at any point in your life. Many people start seeing a therapist in their late teens, but others don’t start until they hit their 50s or 60s. What matters most is that you’re taking action now and working toward wellness.

Here are some of our favorite virtual mental health providers and counselor finders:
inclusive therapists
meet monarch

Learn more about finding the right therapist for you on our blog

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