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Connect with a lawyer in minutes with Just Answer Legal

Verified lawyers are online around the clock and ready to answer your question online or by phone. Get expert legal answers without an appointment or hourly fee

Legal proceedings come with a number of complexities and variations. Regardless of which legal situation you've found yourself in, it's easy to end up at a loss for what to do next. Legal guidance is available, but there are so many branches and specializations out there that you'd be right to worry about wasting time on the wrong provider.

Getting legal advice online is the best way to avoid these mistakes, which, when coupled with legal consultation fees, could be very costly. A dependable online source for legal guidance could provide you with help that matches your needs.

Find laws in your state with RAINN

From the legal definition of rape to the statute of limitation for a particular sex crime, where you live makes a difference. Here's a guide to the laws in your state.

Free consultations and financial assistance with Time's Up Legal Defense Fund

The TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund™ supports individuals who’ve experienced sexual harassment or retaliation at work to come forward to seek justice — and to protect others from similar behavior.

The TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund can help by:

  1. Connecting you to attorneys for a free initial consultation.

  2. For select cases, the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund helps pay legal fees and costs.

  3. For select cases, the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund can connect you to and help pay for public relations assistance.

Housed and administered by the National Women’s Law Center Fund, all operations of the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund are completely independent of the TIME’S UP Foundation and TIME’S UP Now. Decisions about cases, eligibility, and funding are made by TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund staff at the National Women’s Law Center Fund, based on a rigorous evaluation against a consistent set of guidelines that are in no way influenced by any outside agenda, person, organization, or entity.

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